Walnut street school

our contribution to a private school

Principal: Kathy Gottschall
NCPARS Contact: Tony Beyer
Supporting Teachers
: Marci Beyer and Sandy Patalive

NEW! Check out this video of students checking out the tank on the first day.
The Walnut Street Christian School in Avis, PA is the newest installation. This sleek 90 gallon Oceanic tank is located in the main lobby of the school for all students to study and for visitors to see. The tank, stand, light, sump, heater, and return pump was supplied by Tony Beyer and NCPARS donated the water, rock, coral, fish, powerheads, bulbs and salt. We will also provide ongoing support to this system as it matures.
This is the third tank we have set up where the water, rock, coral and fish was moved all at once from the main system at Williamsport Area High School. Moving everything at once from an established system nearly eliminates the cycling process inherent to new systems. Our procedure for setting up new tanks is very efficient and ensures short-term and long-term success.
We started them off with coral that was entirely propagated at the Williamsport Area High School site. They have anthelia, kenya tree, button polyps, green star polyps, frogspawn, three types of montipora capricornis, a large green sinularia, some zoanthids and a few other soft coral. The pair of clownfish were bred by Nate Bair, a member of NCPARS. New coral and fish will be added over the course of October 2011.

Photo taken one day after the tank was set up (9/24/11):